Lázaro González
Lázaro J. González, b. 1990
Based in Berkeley, California
P.hD Candidate in Cinema Studies at UC Berkeley

Independent director, audiovisual producer, and writer. Master in Art in Literatures, Cultures, and Languages by the University of Connecticut and B. A in Journalism from the School of Communications at the University of Havana, and graduated from International Workshops in the International School of Cinema, in San Antonio de los Baños, and the Sundance Documentary Lab.

Directed the short film Padre nuestro (Our Father), 2011; Margot (2013);  Del fango a la fe (From Filth to Faith) (2013); Tatá (2014). His documentary Máscaras (Masks) was distributed by Icarus Films and Americas Media Initiative in several universities and film festivals in the United States.

His full-length documentary film Villa Rosa (2016) was distinguished recently by a grant from the Sparring Partners Fund, based in Italy, for the development of audiovisual projects in the Caribbean, the Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema, and AMI’s Closing Distances Award. Villa Rosa also won the Best Documentary Award in Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale, and Audience Award in Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Together with the audiovisual production, Lázaro González has been working as a freelance film critic for publications such as Enfoco, Bisiesto, and Cine Cubano. He was also the co-founder of Encuadre, the Cuban Audiovisual Production Network, and Confluencias del lente, initiatives created to promote the independent Cuban cinema.




Intersecciones entre Cine Documental y Archivos Queer: Notas a Propósito de Sexilio was published by the University of Connecticut


-Villa Rosa won Best Documentary Award in Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale University.

-Villa Rosa was presented in the University of Connecticut.

- Villa Rosa was part of the Film Spring Series, supported by The Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies at Yale University.

- Villa Rosa had screenings in Meraki Film Festival.


- Villa Rosa was official selection of International Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen.

- Villa Rosa was official selection of Santo Domingo OutFest.

-Villa Rosa was presented in Stonewall Museum.

-Villa Rosa was selected  for Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival.

-Villa Rosa  was selected  for LesbiGayTrans Festival in Paraguay.


-Villa Rosa won Audience Award in Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

-Villa Rosa was selected  for Equality Festival

-Villa Rosa was selected  for Outfest Perú.

Masks was selected for the First Edition of Fuera de Catálogo, in Miami.


-Sexile was selected  for Sundance Documentary Workshop in Miami.
-Villa Rosa was selected for Havana International Film Festival.
 -Villa Rosa won the Closing Distances Award of Americas Media Initiative.

 -Villa Rosa won the Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema.
 -Villa Rosa won the Sparring Partners Fund for Production.

-Masks won the Sparring Partners Fund for International Distribution.

 -Masks National Journalism Award Rubén Martínez Villena.

-Masks was selected for Muestra Joven ICAIC, Imago Film Festival, Ania Pino in Memoriam Festival, Llámale H, Vermont International Film Festival, Brattleboro International Film Festival, among others.


-Masks won the fellowship grant for young artists El reino de este mundo.