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Our current projects

We are excited to share our ongoing projects that continue to explore diverse narratives and push the boundaries of independent cinema. Most of these works are also part of an ongoing question of the intersections between documentary film and queer archiving practices. 

abe liberty.jpg


After publicly coming out, Abrahm DeVine, the fastest openly gay American swimmer, bravely challenges the entrenched homophobia within Stanford University and the broader swimming community. Despite the trauma that forced him to leave the sport, he sees the making of this documentary film as a powerful act of resistance against discrimination.


As a living counter-archive, Sexile uses cinematographic devices to represent the oblivion of thousands of queer Cubans who were expelled from their country in 1980 and forced to resettle in the United States. It also highlights the extent to which racism, homophobia, resettlement issues, and the AIDS epidemic vexed the desired freedom of Marielitos.  Making a film becomes more than a means to represent the unspeakable, it is also a way of questioning the unbearable traumas of being in sexile.

nelson dia 2_edited.jpg
parole with logo_edited.jpg


Amidst economic and societal challenges, a Cuban queer refugee's yearning for reunion with his mother hinges on the fragile hope of the Biden administration's humanitarian parole.

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