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Felicidades a González González y su equipo por llevar a pantalla un tema como el transformismo, tan opacado por la producción audiovisual en Cuba, ese es el mayor mérito de este documental donde arte y realidad pierde equilibrio.

About Villa rosa

A news report about Villa rosa.

The young Cuban filmmaker Lázaro González is in the assembly stage of the documentary Villa Rosa, that addresses the issue of sexual diversity, gender identity, and LGBTI resistance culture. Set in the fishing village Caibarién, located in the north of the country, it shows how in a seemingly macho location it has become one of the places with the greatest acceptance of sexual diversity.

About Masks

Report on the stage

The Cuban journalist and audiovisual producer, Lázaro González filmed the documentary "Masks" which records and proposes to redefine transformism as an artistic manifestation and gay resistance, through stories of two people who are dedicated to this activity

Storytelling workshops

Memoirs of storytelling workshops

Three workshops in different communities taught us that there is a lot of talent in the country. They just need the tools to tell their stories without intermediaries.

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Villa rosa and the independent filmmaking in Cuba

April 23, 2017

First article published in Cuba before the premiere of Villa rosa.

Film review about Villa rosa

April 24, 2017

Film review, written by one of the most best film critics in Cuba.

Retrospective interview about my films

April 24, 2017

This chapter of La mirada indiscreta, famous Miami's TV show, was dedicated to my creation as independent journalist and film producer.

Interview about Villa rosa

April 22, 2017

Interview about Villa Rosa, written by a reporter of Inter Press Service (IPS)

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