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Sexile at Concordia University

As part of Lázaro González visit to Canada as an artist in residence by Vulnerable Media Lab, a special screening of Sexile was hosted in Montreal, as part of the Archive/Counterarchive project.

A Q&A moderated by Dr. Zaira Zarza followed the work-in-progress screening. Also, Eloy Guzmán, one of the protagonists of Sexilio was part of the conversation.

In 1980, thousands of queer Cubans were expelled from their country during the Mariel boatlift. On the other side of the sea, the possible freedom was also vexed by racism, homophobia, resettlement issues, and the AIDS epidemic. Making a film becomes later a pretext for another queer immigrant to create an archive of those experiences, and to question the unbearable traumas of being in sexile.

All these issues were addressed in the conversation that followed the screening of the film.


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